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How to get Flexible without just stretching!

Do you want to get more flexible, but don't really love stretching?

Did you know that just stretching is not the only way to improve flexibility?

Hi there, Nico here and today we are going to go through a few ways to improve your flexibility.

1. Full Range of Motion

One of the best ways to improve our general flexibility is to use our full range of motion when performing our strength training movements. Now this does not mean that we through technique out the window and go into positions that our body is not stable in or ready for.

2. Dynamic/Active Stretching

You might now this as "mobility". Using movements that challenge our flexibility in an active way (so not just sitting in a stretch) is another great way to get more flexible.

These types of movements work great in warm ups to help us get into better positions (use a full range of motion). They can also be added in throughout the day to just get the body moving more.

3. Strength Through Length

This might be a slightly more complicated way, but hey it still works like magic. The goal here is to do strength training movements that places our muscles on a stretch.

A good example here would be the Romanian Deadlift where we hinge at the hips, with a straight back, until we get a nice stretch on the hamstrings. What's great about these types of movements is that we stretch and strengthen our muscles at the same time.

4. Passive Stretching

Now this might not be the most fun way to improve our flexibility, but it still WORKS. Spending some time in a passive stretch where we get to focus on our breathing and get into some deeper positions, is still one of the best ways to improve flexibility.

Try spending about 5 min per week stretching the muscles/areas you want to get flexible in.

Incorporate these principles into your routine for a while and see/feel the difference. Also remember that this will take time and it won't happen overnight.

So stick with it, be consistent and embrace the suck.

If you want to start training in a way to improve your strength, flexibility and overall quality of life we now offer Remote Coaching, so you can train with us from anywhere in the world. Follow the link below to find out more.

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